Area : 10.000 SF  

Proposal for the renovation and new interior design of Main entrances and Hall, restaurant and guest rooms for a HOTEL in Long island City , Brooklyn New York.

Long Island City Hotel
Long Island City , Brooklyn  New York 2018

Proposal for the design of Façades and communal green areas for a new High End residential condominium building in the High line.

Alto highline II
West 28th and 27thStreets Manhattan, New York 2017

Area : terraces  500 SF  indoors 2500 SF  

Design Renovation of the Club and Cocktail Bar on the top of the Beekam Tower. 

3 Mitchel Pl, Manhattan, New York 2017

Area : 1700 SF  

Apartment / Full renovation.        Design of Kitchen with BULTHAUP 

YG Residence 5 th Ave
641 5 th Avenue Manhattan, New York 2017

Area : 9.500 SF indoors  2500 SF Outdoors  

Design of a new ground up residential condo Building in Gowanus Canal , Brooklyn New York

41 G Condos
Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn New York 2017

Biegarten Café restaurant  with approximately 2,346 SF interior and approximately 3,930 SF exterior outdoor spaces located at West 44th Street in the Maritime Entertainment section of Hudson River Park

RCP Competition : Finalists

PIER-84 Hudson River Park, New York 2017

The project develops taking advantage of the very special characteristics of the site, a continuous wood curtain wall that blocks the view of the parking lot at the back, defines a background for all the activities of the bar to take place and incorporates the functions of the Kitchen, bar and storage.

RCP Competition : first prize

CAFÉ Roebling
PIER-1 Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York 2016

Area : 65000 SF

Far studies , Massing and first layouts for a new High Residential in the High Line, New York.

Alto highline I
West 27th and 28th Streets Manhattan, New York 2017

Area : 12.180 SF

Design of a new construction mansion on the classical area of Rockland county  New York  

KL Residence
Rockland county, New York 2016

Area : 600 SF  

Proposal for the Design of an small High end boutique for the Hadleigh’s clothes  brand on Upper East Side Manhattan

Hadleigh’s Ny Boutique
Upper East Side Manhattan, New York 2016

Area : 1000 SF  

Conversion of the old Cigar bar in a cocktail lounge and restaurant  where smoking still will take place as an opportunity or speciality.

Sugar East
1125 First Avenue Manhattan, New York 2016

Quality Burguer Kiosk Bar  with approximately 300 SF interior and approximately 2.500 SF outdoor terrace  located at the PIER-15 in the Maritime Entertainment section of the East River Esplanade.

RCP Competition : Finalists

"Quality burguer" Terrace & Bar PIER 15
PIER-15 New York, East river Esplanade 2016


C-Chaise lounge chair
Rome, Italy 2015

LOFT renovation 3000sf design of main open space , stair and furniture

Williamsburg Loft
Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York 2015

Full renovation apartment  1500 sf.

We were invited to explore end curve details for floors walls and furniture.

Gramercy Park Residence
Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York 2015

Roof Consultant :  Oisin Clancy   Smart Roof sbe LLC

Area: 1750 sf  

Client: Phasadevelopment LLC

With the contribution of the specialist firm "Smart Roof NYC", we designed a communal roof top garden on the front of the building with spectacular views of Manhattan and a private roof top garden with open kitchen and dining area for the pent house’s use on the back.

We covered the original perimeter slope of the roof with small planters creating a low green wall fence to give a gentle transition between the roof top garden and the views of park slope crown trees. The roof also employs several  green features such as: rainwater collection, solar energy, local planting and landscaping and  recycled materials.

Rooftop The Bennett House
Park Slope Brooklyn, New York 2013 - 2014

Area: 12.400 sf

A four storey rental with 2 units on each floor. The Developer’s initial idea was to renovate the existing  6 rental units on the 1st, 3d and 4th floor and combine the two units on the parlor floor into his own apartment.

Since He was so excited about the combined layout, He decided to switch to a condo configuration combining both units on each floor into larger apartments that were scarce in the current market. We studied an option to add an elevator but after a thorough evaluation we advised the client to replace that idea with the design of a rooftop garden; In this way we were able to maintain the original feel of a walk-up and also enhance the apartment layouts.

The Bennett House
Park Slope Brooklyn, New York 2013 - 2014