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Italy                    C-Chaise lounge chair
                                  Rome, Italy
United States       Long Island City Hotel
                                 Long Island City , Brooklyn  New York
     3 Mitchel Pl, Manhattan, New York
     PIER-84 Hudson River Park, New York
YG Residence 5 th Ave
     641 5th Avenue Manhattan, New York
Alto highline II
     West 28 Th Street Manhattan, New York
 CAFÉ Roebling
     PIER-1 Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York
Sugar East
     1125 First Avenue Manhattan, New York
"Quality burguer" Terrace & Bar PIER 15
     PIER-15 New York, East river Esplanade
Alto highline I
     West 27 th Street Manhattan, New York
KL Residence
     Rockland county, New York
Hadleigh’s Ny Boutique
     Upper East Side Manhattan, New York
41 G Condos
     Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn  New York
Williamsburg Loft
     Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York
Gramercy Park Residence
     Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York
Rooftop The Bennett House
     Park Slope Brooklyn, New York
The Bennett House     
     Park Slope Brooklyn, New York
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